Wendy Lloyd - Saffron

I would like to send my thanks to Rupert, Anne and Victoria at Longspring stud for their education and care of our young rising 4 filly (Saffron)
We sent Saffron to Longspring for backing/breaking in/mouthing - the whole package.
Our case was very tricky in that our filly had been diagnosed with a broken wither. In addition, she had almost died at a week old and required operations (amongst other things).
Not only was she physically challenged - I have to admit she was rather spoiled and as such quite a handful.

I had contacted other professional places to get help and none were prepared to take her on.
Longspring were the only ones who said yes - many did not even reply.
They could see we needed help, they could see her potential and they also wanted the best possible future for her - whatever that might be.
Their suggestion was to take it week by week to determine if backing her was an option.

I am happy to say that Rupert and Victoria were successful.
Saffron is turning out to be an amazing young horse.
We are absolutely thrilled at what they have accomplished with her in such a short time.

Every step of the way we were informed of her progress, and received regular emails and photos.
We were always welcome to go to Longspring at any time to visit and each time we were welcomed like part of the family.
We were never left waiting, always came first in their very busy schedule and were never rushed away.
The one-on-one riding and training tips that we received were invaluable and they were all part of the service.
I felt that Rupert and Victoria would never let me leave with Saffron unless I was happy - and that they were sure I'd be safe with our youngster (and that she in turn would continue to get the teaching she required).

Saffron was so well cared for - she looks amazing.
Not only were her physical needs attended to but her mental well being as well. She had lots of "friends" to keep her company.
Longspring is absolutely beautiful - set amongst rolling hills and surrounded by trees - it is truly an idyllic place for a horse to be.
But it also has everything required for training and any medical emergencies that may arise.

The experience, knowledge and instinct that everyone at Longspring has about horses (and people) is astounding.
I think it is built from dedication and a lifelong love and relationship with horses - and perhaps most importantly with each other as a family.

Thanks Rupert, Anne and Victoria.