SS Godiva by Colombia now eventing
Saturday, June 27, 2009

When racing careers are over, a number of thoroughbreds make their way into equestrian sport and are particularly successful at the demanding discipline of eventing involving dressage, showjumping and a grueling cross country course. NZ thoroughbreds are sought after all around the world for their natural ability in the sport of eventing.

It is not usually until a TB stallion is close to 20 years of age before the equestrian people start to notice that his progeny are doing well – and by then it is often too late to make good use of the stallion’s remaining years.

However, already a number of the first crop of Colombia’s are finding new owners on the equestrian circuit with great success. They are known for their fantastic movement, temperament and great jump. And their colour. While the old saying goes “A good horse has no colour … “ there is no doubt that blacks and dark browns are easier to sell! Colombia does tend to throw his black/brown colour and a white stripe or snip to jazz it up a bit – and no chestnuts!

One of the more successful young eventers by Colombia out this season is the 7 year old brown gelding SS GODIVA (Colombia – Starlight Express by ??). He had 4 starts racing as My Elusive Dream - unsuccessfully. Godiva’s current owner Murray Steele from Auckland commented that already top eventing riders are buzzing around with offers. 

Amy Ingram is another owner of two Colombia’s that have already started in equestrian sport. Ratu (Colombia - Fairground by Kenfair) and his older full sister have had starts in showjumping and dressage.  

You will see more of these youngsters out and about next year.